Sunday, October 07, 2007

Ballet officials said not afraid of navel ring wearing stomach

Banner: Central Registry Ballet is not afraid of the umbilical accident

Officer Thomas (Ella), Mi Yuan Ming, 2R, attended last night "Jane Austen teenage diary" premiere. Ella wearing buttons exposed navel ring, in which a foreign woman in the crash was navel ring piercing stomach, almost killed, Ella has no fear, as can also wear. 戴了13年 Wearing 13

Ella said: "I was down the navel ring, is not a good risk, not because of this and not wearing, marks avoid accidents. All this navel ring wearing 13! "Turning to the former manager joining BMA, said Ella will have new senior joined the company, she earlier met with each other, feeling good the news was later released.

Another Mi-Ming Yuan earlier in the column derision Cui Jian state has attracted high-level discontent was suspended, "live entertainment," she said Rapporteur wrote to the Department of Arts, will meet next week to talk to her the matter. Asked whether the Lok Yi-ling ran talk? She said: "up may not sure!" She did not want to speculate whether the column Because of this, she admitted the company was stripped of its rice, the company's instructions, she will be accepted.

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