Sunday, October 07, 2007

Eason found Lost Humanity charity

Banner: Eason's visit to the mountains, deep feelings

Eason Chan (Eason) as "Project Ambassador" status, to be held at Olympian City Project, earlier he went to visit the mountains of Sichuan, the scene was broadcast on visits fragments, and share with you the feelings of visits. Universal Su Jie Cai Lin as one of the donation on behalf of fans for nearly six figures to the hospital, Eason acceptance. Eason Meiju thank the fans and that Meiju done a lot of good people, even after the departure also left love to the world, it is very difficult in this spirit.

Eason talk about Sichuan trip candor quite difficult, cause Hong Kong to take two and a half hour flight arrived in Chengdu, sub-source to the car, and the trip lasted about three hours, after suffering from eye diseases Reentry visited the village farmers. He saw an uncle suffering from eye diseases, home of the most valuable items is actually a coffin, the uncle by the mostly small blind, and have no knowledge of funds let him medical treatment when he was admitted to eye, uncle felt their advanced age, would prefer to leave to others, he greatly moved.

It should carefully

In addition, Eason visit to India last year, remember that the people here in India to see the lens, performance was very happy, this mountain village in Sichuan is much more simple, they do not know him, but there are some doctors and nurses know that he is singer. Recalling his first visit to India, Eason said frankly have been hesitant, because air travel and visits to filming, we must spend large amounts of money, he is worried that the initial visit is not going to help too much, this would be better spent directly donate, but the staff told him that if he did not participate in visits, they will not be raised this Mody much money. India trip last year, he had more than one million chips a charity, so he can hope like Jet Li, the intention to do good things. This trip to Sichuan, he feels that a lot of the hope that we can take her daughter to participate together.


Eason also scenarios in that expect to do singers, who serve many people, sometimes forget what very nature, is not what can easily available. He also made the most now expect aircraft flying to Hong Kong, he visited. In his early teens, it is time to Tsing Yi has met the Colombian superstar (Chow Yun-fat) happens at the hospital, then see stars after his side, he was also a warm smile, gave him a deep impression.

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