Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Radio Australia will sing fans queuing Luo Signed

Radio Macao held in his hometown of the three-day "sincere love you" concert on the evening of the successful completion of, but End show after radio continue to engage in outside a small Signed, for the concert will be introduced to commemorate album signatures, the response was very enthusiastic fans, forcing the queue simply blasting the entire hall. Date for them one by one signature and take photographs, only at 12.30 am and a group of fans sorry to see him leave. The flu infections almost aphonia

Because it is the final, Chang expressed a lot of passionate dialogue, the greater Recent talks, she said: "We are now able to sit here and listen to my concerts really very happy, because before me a cold, throat and the vocal cords are being infected and have to surgery surgery later, a knife End do not know what would have Of course, I would like to continue to sing! But then I still have to do throughout the concert tour, the holidays has been fixed until next year. "She added that the most regrettable is the concert in New York, due to influenza infection by the throat, she aphonia week could not sing, so concerts to broadcast band folder lip-singing, The strength not to sing, she sang cry.

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