Friday, October 12, 2007

By being snow (possession) books

Banner: Si - qi snow was denied without appeal

Stephen hosted talk show "Zhiyun-on" video yesterday when invited by the United States-do guests, and, when invited to the three photographs in the original site in the middle of Stephen deliberately make way for Si - qi, and laughs: "You were aware of snow (possession) for a long time!"

Mainland absorb Fans

Si - qi denied Road, "just before me more time to field work, do not feel that the snow (possession)! But to go out to work so that more people can understand me, like Hunan earlier to attend the "Galloping miracle", 300 million people can, through this program and know me, which is absorbed many different local fans. "As for the appearance of this program, what should have asked Si - qi" appeal "? She has said no, she asked whether her complaint was not dating? She laughs: "There is no such a thing, if we can, I hope that the fight for more jobs! (Incidentally help you or her appeal?) Shun period natural! Just as they say! "Asked Stephen really too high for dating because Si - qi was frozen? Wan said with a smile earlier just joking! Dating fact that the young people also indifferent, but the company wanted to keep a low profile artists dating, he laughs: "How can we prevent people dating? But dating is a good thing, the acting experience also helped. "

Yuan Ming was transferred Artemis

In addition, the indemnity unsuccessful Miss Yuan Ming been removed from the "live entertainment" program, that because of her love column derision Stephen will Cuijianbang due to this, Chan said she did not know what to write, because not read their columns. Yuan Ming and met with high-level bridge, wireless find an obscure incident on the people she talked with, Chan said she met Mary, is a senior in the company. As to why Artemis Yuan Ming will be transferred from the programs? Wan said that the programs often have new entrants, she has been suspended from duty, because of the number of new entrants, so let them try to do it. Hunt also mentioned the Xian Wang Zhi-defection as "Asia Aunt" campaign as master of ceremonies, Chan said: "This good, so he can finally round contest master of ceremonies dream."

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