Friday, October 12, 2007

Zhang,: police actor to play than

Banner: Zhang, hope that the "brothers" in a, I love

Andy Lau, Archer, Eason Chan, Fla., 4-0, yesterday Rafah hockey team to Guangzhou to attend the "brothers" campaign and the opening ceremony. Premiere enthusiastic response, votes were sold out, a group of "brothers" very happy.

Archer speech blasting Zhang, the police act so good, the original through field visits, a more questioning by the police, no wonder every time my hand to the police use. Zhang, taught him never to remember my police in the eyes of the police, there is no good people in this world, everyone has to face the skeptics. Jiadong said: "As early as in the original film Zhang," Falcon "when it went to the Police Training School have been in class." Zhang, laughed, "when I went to school wireless to the study, instructors said that the first thing to nosy and the second thing is to not believe anyone. Apart from this, I have been requested over the past O Hutchison the police questioning, he had personally seen the police asked me how to investigate cases, the police sometimes actor to play than we do! "

Zhang, said that before Hong Kong entertainment circle a while triad invasion was very powerful, had been rumors that he triad fingers at gunpoint a year on the O mind to ask him to assist in the investigation. He said: "I speak with the police, you are the manager has been identified at gun point your head, you speak! At gun point you tell us who is the first. "Zhang, said that, it is not these things happened, but the media rumors he explained to explain to the police do not believe, the last Police also told him that "We even at gun point of the first people you pull back, not to deny that, you recognize it, stressing the names." Zhang, sense of helplessness, the police said: "I really was not at gunpoint finger and say what you tell me the names? not really. "When this Hou, with the police before He said: "OK, you can go home. thank you assist in the investigation. "Zhang, that the police did not really originally sent, but kept questioning his acting, has always suspected that he is unwilling to tell the truth, really nothing less than a question only believe what he said is true.

A group of brothers hold high hopes for new film

In addition, the mind strokes attracted nearly two hundred reporters covered the event, many fans have seen the film have praised Eason Chan media performances gives surprises. Eason hearing am very happy. He added that his own well several big brother is a little more input. The 4-0 and Orlando, Lombardi said, make the play started with a group of brothers, very happy, most want a good movie box office, earning more boss Andy Lau, a year after also shooting a film, allow them to discuss with brothers together, and this ideal. Also yesterday, accompanied by brother Sansao (Fla.) to attend promotional activities in Guangzhou, a group of brothers during the rest deliberately joking with the brother, called in Cantonese opera with the only bed opera actress Wang Yi photographs, Eason looked up more of the whole blame on him. Everyone laughs.

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