Friday, October 12, 2007

Heidi CHU Tang Shang-wen Wang auspices of the Olympic Games

Banner: Heidi CHU (left) and the Tang Shang-wen - refresher courses to help the auspices of the Olympic Games

Beijing Olympics will be in 2008, marking the start of the wireless yesterday held a press conference to announce that China will join hands with the Hong Kong Sports Federation and Olympic Committee and the Hong Kong Baptist University, for "08 Olympic auspices of Professional and Continuing Education Program" for aspiring Olympic 108 of the presenters to the public and artistes for the training to become a cultivated 108 Olympic program host.

Heidi CHU challenging to do an interview

Yesterday many of them have enrolled artistes are present at the press conference, including the MC, Heidi CHU, Tang Shang-wen, Lee Han Ms Cindy and such. Heidi CHU itself not done Olympic program host, she felt the exercise program host, homework beforehand to work, this is the most suitable for this course, however. She said the course will begin on November 24, a total of 10 lessons. She believed that this course will be taught good comprehensive knowledge, although repair finish this course, the Olympics may not necessarily be the program host, but also should prepare yourselves well. The most she can hope to the scene Viewing the Beijing Olympic Games, as it is difficult for players to do with the visit, as balanced as journalists, it is challenging. However, if that Beijing is the only interview will be less then many Hong Kong work.

Tang Shang-wen love male swimmers to build

Tang Shang-wen had left the campus five years will have an opportunity to pursue further studies, and she hoped that could go to the Beijing Olympic Games an interview, she said he could serve as a translation into English, and Mandarin believes that also have to cope with. The most liked to watch her swim and diving, particularly men, who are well-mandrax luck, she is most appreciated athletes swimming Michael Phelps.

In addition, Albania smart (lucky) said with a smile and girlfriends together as a squad leader this course, or when their students will add value to what seems to do before "the Olympics do smart" programs, he also would like to add value themselves. And wireless is also planning to arrange for him to the Beijing Olympic shooting program, asking him to find athletes to visit Azerbaijan smart says with a laugh: "I have many good athletes mature, I do not know where to find a good." However, he would like most is to find Liu Xiang, but it is now closed-door training to know each other, afraid to disturb him.

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