Sunday, October 14, 2007

Charlene Choi with faint waves pill without refused embarkation

Banner: Hong Zhuo Li, Tian Liang and Argentina Sa quick silver ribbon-cutting cooperation

Charlene Choi (Argentina Sa) and Tian Liang Hong Zhuo Li (Ken) last night to Macau for a campaign casual clothes shop as the opening ceremony guests, attracting nearly 100 people was watching, and many more were forced to a pedestrian road. 問到今次酬勞? Asked about the reward? Argentina Sa said with a smile pretty good, otherwise the company would not help her contact. Argentina Sa since the last to take "shrimp boat" sea while filming "boat phobia", and also forgetting to bring HALO wave pill, so the evening is the helicopter ride to Macau.

Argentina Sa to the United States and Canada before the stage when the casino took the opportunity to touch luck, the results to five dollars back won 10 times, while consciously recent good luck, but this has not taken the opportunity to Macao gambling both hands. Sa also discussed Argentine sailors hospitalized, and she hoped that honors a speedy recovery and praising Heights carefully good, friendly and very fond of her and that the pay Heights efforts can be recognized.

Tian Liang: very happy

Tian Liang the night before last and again has been asked whether two years of dating and a girlfriend Ye Qian secret marriage, but he did not deny that and still recognize that the only answer to the problem. Asked recently whether he was very happy? He said: "very happy today, the new restaurant opening also very happy. (Available in the store will be sorting shirt gave his girlfriend?) There will be opportunities. "He was retired from participating in the 08 Olympics not feel lost? He said: "Fortunately. (May attend the Olympic Games?) I do not have tickets, but will also have the opportunity to support, every Chinese people can participate in the Olympic Games, I will also participate in the capacity audience. "He has the confidence of the Chinese diving team, many believe that they can seize the gold medal back.

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