Sunday, October 14, 2007

Huang Xiaoming good appreciation Shu Qi and praising lovely

Banner: Huang Xiaoming good appreciation of Shu Qi

GUCCI the day before the opening of a flagship store, Huang Xiaoming, Shawn, Liu Xin You, LIAO infants and others to shoring market, the shop responsible for the music-based laymen Sao infants vacuum into battle, Tao went on to Braille so that the passers-by lavish onlookers ice cream.

Vacuum into battle

Musicians do not love-child admitted brassieres, as long as thick clothes will not bump, also not afraid of a vacuum into battle. The music-sexy line Sao infants, Huang Xiaoming said that because not too familiar with each other, like each other or not talk about inconvenience, but that he also stretched lovely Shu Qi, a little get first, this is the type he likes, but in the too familiar, not only do friends do girlfriend, do opponents play on the best . Often cooperation Chuan sex scandal, there have been around the crash, he said Chuan scandal himself would not be able to stop, make friends also normal, he would bluntly if fans dating sad.

You emaciated heart

Shawn left eye inflammation have recovered, and may continue to work. For Chen Hongye charged with wounding Suzuki Keren, is liable to imprisonment for six months, he has claimed to be familiar peacetime only to the bars, drink wine because he will have to sleep, even if he does not know the play, but basically he is not love the night Po. Liu Xin You thinner tight, even at Wai also a small size reduction, she feels okay, as long as they can be healthy, recently also very good appetite, eating more than before, has been two years in a row she participated in the marathon, said race has begun for next year's exercises.

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