Sunday, October 14, 2007

Suzuki Hui Chen Hongye wedding mistakenly not guilty

Banner: Suzuki to seek justice - with a show-church cooperation

Suzuki Renhe Hu attended church yesterday opened a new store, for allegedly attacked him earlier, the textile traders and celebutante Sometime Chen Hongye ex-husband was sentenced to six months imprisonment, but the defense counsel immediately to the High Court judges on duty successfully applied for bail appeal, Suzuki Hui was asked by the bail appeal of the other side, he said that news, they will comply with the court decision. I asked him not to worry about the other side served? He only said that it would respect the court.

Golf regret

Suzuki-the day before in Central attend another activity, but one had left in the middle of the night, and threatened night Po will be reduced, because the incident is caused by the night Po. The judge said that Chen Hongye attitude frivolous, it is extremely cut-Suzuki overcome its general shyness and望一望aides do not know how to answer. Referred to the other side to make an appeal, he indicated it would respect the court, but will need to re-appear. Asked if would greet each other good-bye? He admitted feeling very complicated. Talking about the other side if confinement in jail or be delayed marriage, he may feel guilt will? He bluntly unknowingly guilt rarely regret.

In addition, Hu church was not genuine cooperation with the sailors, but had tried before with Taiwan-Renowned hope for a speedy recovery for sailors, and hope that the media can give sailors more room. Colorado also think that if Taiwan-less many sailors will fade from Jupiter, Liza and girlfriends are wireless town Taiwan treasure.

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