Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Chinese Tao Zhe depends on the weather list

Banner: Jing-Xuan Zhang (from left), 963-7867, Wei Lan Cao Grid and the Chinese side Tian rehearsals Bang

"Global Chinese Songs chart ceremony" held tonight wearing fake, as a wind Taiwan relations, and many flights are delayed, some Taiwan singer winners will attend the ceremony as usual arrival is still unknown, yesterday's rehearsal activities, the production and Manpower Zhou Feng helplessness that if singers because of the fighting winds not, can not, fortunately dogs, song and Chenyueh, has arrived in Hong Kong, is now most worried about Zhi - Xiang Luo (piglets) and Tao Zhe unable to attend the ceremony due to the Taiwan-bit tense, Hong Kong and Taiwan have been told they have to wait in the airport in Taiwan, an organic space would hope sped Hong Kong.

Hsuan Tsai dispute male singer award

Yesterday attended rehearsals singer activities include: Jing-Xuan Zhang, lateral fields, Cao Grid and 963-7867. Side Tian said, "Love Song" has become the evening ceremony candidate song, when he will perform as guest performers, and Hsuan Tsai, Parker and Gary Cao cooperation performances hundred songs. Cao grid in the second year of "Global Chinese songs ceremony," tonight he will be awarded the "Outstanding Malaysian singer Award", the platform will also Hsuan Tsai, side and so the chorus, he admitted only when K is singing, there will be no pressure.

Jing-Xuan Zhang magazine recently took to Sai Kung and a woman becoming a photograph, Hsuan Tsai asked by the media reports, he admitted that the day is indeed generous to inspection, and the woman referred to in the text, in fact, is his female assistant. Another his "Global Chinese songs ceremony" success into "the most popular male singers," the last five strong, has been very happy with candor, his mind on the good Eason Chan winners.

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