Thursday, October 04, 2007

Chen Kaige was sudden collapse of the cable car insurance tub

Directed by Chen Kaige, "Mei Lanfang" has been busy in Beijing, a movie on the night before the accident occurred. At night drama crane collapse incident occurred, four tub staff, including deputy director Milanding. Chen Kaige and in the time of the incident from the scene only a meter away, fortunately spared.

According to the Chongqing Business Daily reported that the crew was filming street is Beiyingan a young Mei Lanfang (Shao-decorated), and mountain - (premiere showcase) show. Because of the need for good drama moonlight effect requiring lighting and the distance between the ground very high, so movie will mobilize expertise from the outside to the use of a large crane. As far as I know, the shooting started from 17:00 to 23:30 around the cable car suddenly lost balance tilted to the side collapsed crane arm in the first tub scene housing, house several blocks watt beams and then obliterating the scene of four staff, the deputy director at the scene meters Lan smashed in the head, the other three crew staff were smashed in the left hand, face and legs.

Only one meter apart

The report pointed out that Japan is actor Ando letter arrived in Beijing in the afternoon, when the incident took place and he is acting on the scene and Chen Kaige, too, from the place where the two injured also but a few meters distance. It can be said that he and Chen Kaige is lucky spared.

The report said that the movie's producer, director Xiaoming recalled that the situation remains dire: "Fortunately, that the cable car was smashed in a house cantilever, if the crane directly tub staff, the consequences would be unthinkable." Four injured in the evening after an inspection, two have been sent back to movie rest other two were kept under observation, but no life-threatening. The accident will not affect the normal movie filming progress.

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