Thursday, October 04, 2007

Exports appear embodiment alien invasion campus

Taiwan's popular combinations appear recently earned the new location program CHANNEL [V] "Lollipop! 哪裡怕! Where afraid!, "Six big boys will be entered in Taiwan aliens disguised as major campus for students and parents to resolve any problems and Complicated Diseases.


According to the program appear six earned personality and personal characteristics do planning, head of the AO dogs captain of the spaceship is safe candidate, Wang served as secretary of the Fleet officer and captain of the Secretary of small-yu responsible for the maintenance of the spacecraft engineering officer, is responsible for Cong human language translation of the information officer, filled with the blood of the A-wai is riding driving the weapons officer, Love smiled at the co-pilot William, six people carry out their duties, particularly to build with the King shelf space capsule form, like a six individuals who are in their habitats, the general risk from the planet.

Bright clothing

To successfully play aliens, special programs tailored for the zone appear exclusive space modeling clothing, clothing not only modeling of six different color were white, red, purple, pink, blue, green and red colors to wear exports appear to get extra. AO dogs, said: "clothes really do not like Jerusalem! It is a Shuai! "The future face, they wear clothes that six sets major campus shuttle, which However exports to appear somewhat shy. AO dogs laugh: "if I go to a primary school trip, the children will think that we are fighters like space, we compete with the camera ah?"

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