Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Lee Jun Ki passage Joey Yung sweet fashion statement

Popular Korean actor Lee Jun Ki passage of the first time yesterday, and formally joined the Royal Entertainment signed to actively explore the Southeast Asian market. King spent six figures high in the Grand Hyatt Hotel, a grand signing ceremony, attracting more than half of the 100 media interviews. King boss jokes, his wife, his son off to Long Yang, a sister Joey Yung King has special welcome to join Lee Jun Ki, Chan had not attended by the representative of the Americans for Lee Jun Ki flowers. See Stars banquet songs are Lee Jun Ki, even daring to ask Lee Jun Ki She said: "Can you do my wife?" The Italians made a scene fans to stop Lee Jun Ki sweet talk to her.

Songs of the Road Stars fans

King Chief Executive Officer Wu Yu and Li-Korea-based manager of the company announced that Mr. Cho, Lee Jun Ki joined King, but also announced that Lee Jun Ki international fans will be formally established on behalf of two fans came to power gifts to Lee Jun Ki, while South Korea the venue layout in the main palace, Lee Jun Ki rule out sitting, the full momentum, which in Cantonese just out to greet you said: "Good morning, I was Lee Jun Ki!" asked how he felt Hong Kong. He admitted to the first, is not very clear, before only visited Beijing and Hangzhou. As he is a new era, and Hong Kong is a city of more intimate sense of place, he would like to come to Hong Kong to find out that place. The scene for dozens of fans during Lee Jun Ki cordially salute and waved to the fans, even during the Korean fans screamed, "I love you!"

Lee Jun Ki platform Asked why join King. He does not deny the past there have been other contacts with him, but King was warm, to give him confidence, so that he development of Hong Kong and the mainland market. During the fans from time to time in his ear soft elaborate, and some even asked Lee Jun Ki moon with this, Lee Jun Ki was generous to comply. King sent flowers to the Americans Lee Jun Ki, as Jackie Chan did not attend the flowers to the Americans on behalf of big brother Lee Jun Ki, LI Zhun childhood has been destroyed by a Jackie Chan liked to watch the show to see Hong Kong before heard of Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan received the blessing now, he is very happy, I wonder if this will really be to meet with the other side.

A sister Joey Yung King also rule out sitting with Lee Jun Ki handshake to greet and welcome songs openly praised Lee Jun Ki cool, very charming eyes, that can cause the other side, opening up new realms, more laughter Q I wonder if the other party is not interested in her chorus, Lee Jun Ki repaying the songs congratulations candor hope to cooperate with each other. Songs, it is said, know each other very strong dance, like a good dance-Li-Li-based charity, of course!

Lee Jun Ki see first songs, she was initially thought that actor before Hangzhou also heard the names of songs, songs that are well-known, there are also songs that airs after exposure praised songs that no airs. Catch up songs have asked him dating. Said Lee Jun Ki temporarily not, songs know each other before taking on the 5th of this month, there is no guarantee each other in the past few days, will face the eyes of the goddess, that is, in the Lee said: a quasi-Stars threatened in saying that: "Can you do my wife way?" Lee Jun Ki immediately said twice with the songs, more songs He lived in the presence of fans of this remark, Lee Jun Ki immediately to the fans that said with a smile, remember the words of the songs, and he returned to South Korea after a friend informed. Finally songs into a huge boarding passes to the other, Lee Jun Ki expressed the hope that in a short period of time and songs to friends, songs has boldly named associate base will have taught him the word to her that, in large audience of fans Stadium yelled Lee Jun Ki not that the final scene a touch of the Earth ceremony , Lee Jun Ki moral sentiment blasting lights, Lee Jun Ki expression during the many huge smiles on their faces, which seek fans favor.

Like Jackie Chan Kung cooperation

After the ceremony, Lee Jun Ki media interviews later he will have drama in the broadcast and asked him to come back to the publicity. He said that depends on itinerary, a courtesy meeting with the audience. On Hong Kong actor Lee Jun Ki minds most want to cooperate with the actor Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Chow, and if so can cooperate with these predecessors, we are deeply honored. As for the actress, Lee Jun Ki Shu Qi and Maggie know that we are familiar with. He will be asked to consider a record. Lee Jun Ki not deny interest in singing, singing can give him close contact fans! Well, he may be interested in Cantonese. He admitted also interested in the language, also want to learn Cantonese, before he went to Japan for some time, the Japanese have certain awareness, but will still be in the Chinese study hard. He said this with the songs in Cantonese, it is not embarrassing. Lee Jun Ki that joke! Reality speaking these words, there is the burden of earlier are in the atmosphere. Asked what he likes types of expression, Lee Jun Ki, finding, before he considered what conditions the girl, but in reality will change, we believe that the fate of arrangements to find.

He talked about before in a film won female angle, the alleged modeling really like women. Lee Jun Ki also admitted that many people praise him very like my girl, but he plays another, played a strong masculine role is the same can. Before the end of the visit, Li said with a smile prospective first-arrivals that the media can fetch him some cool, some written reports. Asked whether the songs are Lee Jun Ki Stars. She said with a smile are attempts to frighten its atmosphere, the only quasi-Li-Stars threatened in making songs that Lee Jun Ki eyes on the mirror very, very good build, but also each other only 25 years old, she also detailed than two years, candor can only appreciate the convenience, the fans are left to each other well. She talked about earlier-named said: Stars, which caused fans dissatisfied with the songs surprised to hear that, really. So seriously, we will be wrong Italy. Asked whether she owes the cool confidence. She said no to this question, asked songs continued to bring Lee Jun Ki what to play. She said with a smile to be a best took him to the Ocean Park fanciful indicators activities, and the role played Ma playing a ghost. Songs that will be asked Lee Jun Ki took her to Korea. She said very well, we can have more cooperation and exchanges, but she did not Korean talent!

Lee Jun Ki arrived at the same time yesterday, the airport coincidence Jacky Cheung, Xueyou Beijing had just returned to his 2003 speculation on the 21 Filipino domestic helpers were included in the blacklist issue, Xueyou said India now consider hiring domestic helpers, two daughters temporarily cared for by his wife.

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