Sunday, October 14, 2007

Chen Min infants claim hard to understand Heights Road

Banner: Chen Min infants wish a speedy recovery Regatta

Chen Min infants with Metro Radio yesterday attended a forum sponsored by the big city, sharing their parents Tao, more during the Shang mother read a letter addressed to the letter and reading to fall to tears. Although er 13 years has become a mother, but since the statement is still in a learning phase, in particular today's society both parents and children are under tremendous pressure, she believed that families should become hinterland Parents should support their children and respect for the decision.

Asked how she supported her two sons? She said: "I have been very much opposed to them to engage in the performing arts circle, because regardless of whether they star? Parents will be very worried. But as people grow up, the mentality is slowly changing, but fortunately they are not performing talent, but do hope that in future, police and firemen, as long as they can choose to society contribute, I would very much support. "

In addition, the singer recently admitted on Jupiter, er: "I have the press, and I hope to contact Heights. I have a long-term care for sick family members, know how difficult this road that used his personal experience to share with the Heights, and hope that the sailors speedy recovery. "

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