Sunday, October 14, 2007

Maggie unforgettable screen in addition to the first shirt

Banner: Hsu Shao-xiong, China and Colombia, picks, and San Mao wished Although the film at large

Sammo Hung (San Mao), Maggie, Habib and the rank and file, the day before the film starring "wins Shuai" miss feast, the public actor and director also proposing a toast to celebrate in joy.

San Mao: blessings Regatta

Friends mentioned unconscious admission of William Sound, Sammo Hung said just returned to Hong Kong, and said: "I wonder if this matter, I silently behind bless her, I hope that she can lead to the difficulties, all the good sailors in the movie for years to pay laughter, and now this happens more often to comfort, not to her stimulation. so I wonder if the news before other people died happy, I will bless his whole family, really gone. "As for the rank and file that has been handed to the Heights with a phone conversation later on condolences to the rank and file that is currently shooting Western films" Push "and the cast and day-Andean (film "Fantastic 4, Philip" decorated Perak fire), co-, but also in the fish market moves the shooting scenes.

Zan build Columbia was good,

Maggie talked about shooting "wins" the unforgettable film, is the first film in addition to the silver screen shirt Amour, she said: "act boldly in the upper body around naked Sunrise, but of course there is backing into battle, but also benefits the two rivals Habib and De-Bin Huang, however, and they feel for, but not shooting embarrassed, they also lived there for me to shoot, really gentlemanly manners. "Habib was the magical and praising, then that picks good position to build and also hope the other side soon find a good boyfriend, Habib asked to make a profound film, he refers to the high temperature under 35 degrees Celsius, the baseball winter wear from shirts and bottles performed conscientiously kitchen, he said: "When I hard, to see his daughter's eyes greatly photographs, forgetting what hard now little girl know how to wear uniforms back to the school, sometimes approaching asked me to get up, it reminds me very happy."

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