Tuesday, October 09, 2007

CHEN Si-si died of cancer death in Shanghai

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Video from a dozen years, has more than 30 films starring Hong Kong star CHEN Si-si, 9:30 last night due to complications of cancer caused by the treatment ineffective, in Shanghai Huadong Hospital, has died aged 69. CHEN Si-si past performances of many works, including the film "three laugh," Qiu - xiang of the iceberg, the most well-known. Institute president of Huadong Hospital yesterday to a reporter's visit, confirmed the death CHEN Si-si. He said CHEN Si-si, in July last year when the Huadong Hospital for medical checkup found to be suffering from cancer, but that is the end, not surgery.

CHEN Si-si formerly Biotechnology, born in Shanghai in 1938, native of Ningbo City, Zhejiang, and the family moved to Hong Kong after. In 1954 she joined the Great Wall Pictures, has performed many classic films, including the Hui Shi's "Mingfeng" play Wanr, has also performed "Yunhaiyugongyuan", "Double Lance Wong classic" film. But the most impressive is her "three Laughter" in a speech live Qiu - xiang iceberg, a very popular audience, the film also make her film career on the peak, then a hot line stars, and then summer dream, Hui Shi, who had the Great Wall Pictures, "3 Princess."

Ng died yesterday that the news CHEN Si-si, expressed grief. He said CHEN Si-si generation is the representative of the Hong Kong film, in 1971 he directed the first film "Crazy killer" by the husband and lofty star CHEN Si-si, when CHEN Si-si often to Rovers. That was the first time he had seen the run CHEN Si-si, he feels that the other stars shelves have no right people-friendly.

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