Tuesday, October 09, 2007

"Ye-Dog" by the Junior Film Awards

Banner: "Ye-Dog" award, Eason Chan happy

By Eason Chan, Eric Tsang, George, starring Lin Yuan, Ellison's "wild-dog", following earlier in the "Japan International Ocean Film Festival" received the highest award, the international reputation again, in Germany at the International Film Festival innocence, was "the best assessment of juvenile European film Awards. " went to the festival, received the award has a very exciting performance.

Directing more TSE

Ellison said: "I would like to thank Eric Tsang giving me the opportunity to realize my dream of the film, he is completely free to give me shooting, he promoted the new director is rare in Hong Kong films. After winning my first one who informed him. The winning films and Eason Chan know, I have promised to return to Hong Kong will send a gift to me. "Eason breast busy with rehearsals, again winning film know, strong feelings of excitement, he is very happy for Melvin. "I think he is a great potential and great fire of young directors, in the next film, I was with him to discuss further cooperation."

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