Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You watch denied Taiwan sex scandal

Photo: Louis (Central) with the auction (left) and Rosemary a peer show

Watch recently videotaping male escort to Taiwan, referring to the two closest approach, a common fresh sausage. She attended yesterday's activities as a wrist watch modeling, to verify whether she has a new love? She denied licensing cases, that the man is a friend. The Fresh sausage together, she laughs: "10 is a personal Fresh sausage, I have a fresh three sausage up." She admitted that recent reports that a good laugh, the other is she a friend of Taiwan. Because she wanted to go to Night, but afraid of danger, only to find the other side reacts.

Sever relations with the ex-husband

She may feel that the opportunity to develop with each other? We just watch that friends do not know whether other single moment she never thought development. Now she has asked to pursue? Watch asked about meals friends operator did not count? However, she is in fact not that many. For her ex-husband Ricky scandal "dark-inch" her, she said: "forget! These do not want to say it, he was. "Now ask her or the whole head Ricky? She said with a smile has not had.

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