Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Commissioner Chuyao not stand on the guitar end love affair

Commissioner Chuyao a radio interview yesterday, he brought along a guitar strapped for the first time in the program. Later he will be performing at the Music Guitar bombs, it has actively practicing.

Chuyao Commissioner in Canada, has begun studying shells guitar, when he and four students of "Pixel" Band, by featuring him when, and the only female members of the drummer. They had in the Chinese Music Competition organized by the District won the runners-up. As for the female members of the his girlfriend. He laughs: "No, because she looks too high. (Guitar know whether the shells easier to get to know his girlfriend?) The most important thing is we are in, not know how to be guitar shells, they also try not to be superficial. (Then you pick the girlfriend is not higher than you?) This is not the focus, but if I have high, I will be inferior. "

In addition, the scandal girlfriend Wei Shi (Gill) recently in Guangzhou in Milwaukee Wei-lan of the concert, but the former inadvertently slipped out. Commissioner Chuyao somewhat stunned after hearing because he did not read newspapers, since we met two months ago, they have no recent contact, he would call her condolences. As Gill slimming success recently and asked him feel more beautiful she is fat or thin better. He said with a smile and the most important thing to do is to go back to their health.

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