Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mr Farah no hope of winning good sized DMC

Mr Farah on the 2nd and Dallas, Wang Yixin, the Puma latest autumn series modeling show, the cover of a magazine reported her "Stephen faction," one will be overwhelming, "Le-zhen Union," the "fine deeds" Secretary Li Qi Guan Ju and become "as after," she said: "After reading a laugh DAN I did not confident winners, the most to small mom are major winners. (That leap Progress Award?) I have not yet eligible to take, in the past we have not done enough good intentions to perform now. "As for the party, she claimed TVB is the party, we will not be at the same company factions, from time to time Yue-Ling and Li-zhen and had to worry.

Bailey claimed fate worse

Wang Yixin Chan is also alleged to be one of love, even sour Chan said many people value, such as the recent collection of Deng Jian Hong, also expressed a need for people to motivation, but the audience reaction is the most important. Field pleaded with the alleged "screw-induced gweilo" become another cover of this magazine, she believes he take security measures, the evening was not possible sneaked away, but acknowledged the foreigners. Therefore close her, but she immediately bounce backward, managers have turned. As for this year "as after the" heart water candidates, she also sees "small deeds", pitting lose their fate in poor, often criticized by netizens, she believed she was not accepted in the audience, "more of a police" role in the image, have the opportunity to improve.

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