Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Condensed enough fake facial features

Banner: This is not identified parade

Knightley (Ware), Ice, Tam Yuk Ying, EO2 and forest good, yesterday as "wireless" New Drama "Winter Melon" test model, which lasted put fake nose, fake chin and pointed ears, full animation "History of Canada," The Princess costumes, and even Frankie Lam also recognize not see her. For their first attempt at such modeling, Ware was very pleased with the results. She laughs: "I feel good cute fact, this modeling themselves have participated in the idea. (Not worried that vilify their own?) Do not worry, something very cute is worth. "

As for the composition of EO2 were playing on atherosclerosis, powder, and the Jade Emperor of the gods, Otto's a very fashion of the Jade Emperor, but will striptease HIP HOP dance, it still retains its own shape and the skinhead beard. He laughs: "I have asked the producer to me wearing sunglasses, but he was rejected on the grounds that do not meet shape."

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