Wednesday, October 24, 2007

No one forced MTR know Ajiao

Banner: Ajiao have truck with Hongzhuo legislature, feel convenient

Go (Ajiao), Daniel Chan, Bess, Greer (Niki), Hong Zhuo Li, the Commissioner Chu Yao Yan and Miss Japan, yesterday to join the "Stream elderly railway safety action - 2007" activities, and the elderly take the West Rail from Nam Cheong Station starting to Tin Shui Wai and long revealed who called on the West Rail should pay attention to safety.

Passengers busy own thing

Ajiao frequented were greeted fans, asked her to join after it dared not truck? She said that sometimes rush to the airport, fly both iron. Most of the passengers were due to do their own business, someone would have noticed that she rarely. The next manager Mani said, the Twins a hurry to cross showmanship, they live with their two drivers, and no one could recognize them.

 Niki case of the Columbia

Niki remember before studying at a meeting of drivers has met stars Chow Yun-fat, she said that before the regular students together with the truck, the truck to the Central, has made Colombia the third man, then the Colombian has become a Hollywood star, when she and several female students performance very excited, active with the Columbia approached the dumping tracing , photographs and cable signatures of Columbia have promised them altogether, a very good person. As for the trip, have not seen the Columbia? Niki said, the shortlisted nomination "Awards" have seen the other side, but this time, no opportunity to talk, said with a smile to see the next Columbia, will ask the other side is recognized her.

Another reported that Jade had found rich boyfriend, and Niki no longer fighting? Niki others say that this is a private matter, she said more than inconvenience, everyone asked back to the best singer.

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