Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yong Tang poetry by pushing on the Pakistani rejection pants

Banner: Sammy's (second from left), Chairman of the new programs, Yong Tang poetry (from left), Hsu Shao-xiong, small device, by, lots and Wu Qi, a video statement

Set of four US-chaired by the new wireless game shows "open-gamers" video first one yesterday, were the small device, Yong Tang poetry, by, lots and Hsu Shao-xiong, four female guests to make stroke performance, which resulted in numerous injuries. Playing the first game, as guests of the band back traction live, but to different directions to gifts, all the result of a servant or on the floor of a bunk. Si - qi unique living head Hsu Shao-xiong ride, lots more were steered pants down exposing Unit loopholes, Yong Tang poetry was playing games to slip because of falling to the ground. Playing the last game, the Si - qi, Yong Tang poetry even worse to drop water, body soaked. On the contrary, Hsu Shao-xiong in turn has become the big winner, winning 10,000 yuan cash awards and prizes.

Because Halloween is approaching, the United States and host-sum form to a zombie, in the worship ceremony, also happen to play fresh incense. Other guests also a different form, the most funny is Hsu Shao-xiong a "smart Benba" Dong Hui. Mori said the United States after several sets, guests will be in a different form, he asked to play a zombie will be beneficial is it? He said with a smile not thought about, but now will ask producers take advantage, of course, is the best four figures. Programs began recording, Si - qi-the United States has to preserve its unique, nor may laugh that will be lost upon the departure of wisdom, standing next to Si - qi also do not know how to respond, only I.

Hsu Shao-xiong Si - qi is the first sitting

There will be programs in six games, the first game to the different aspects of the guests prior to gift-making away most would win. But after all of the kids lumbar tug. As lots are too light, it was quickly Hsu Shao-xiong pickup, and later was even worse steered rejection pants, exposing Unit loopholes. Yong Tang poetry and Si - qi and also steered all been falling, everybody on the ground乱作一团, yelled during Si - qi, because they were sitting head Hsu Shao-xiong, the most vigorously by the end Hsu Shao-xiong win.

In a radio water gun in the game, small instrument also slightly hit in the eye, even eyelid line also dissolved; Yong Tang poetry more underground because of a wet, Municipal inverted to the ground. In another game, small instrument has repeatedly been unsuccessful, to be miserable "quality" cream-face, she twice in the final strokes and cream into the nostrils. Fresh potato chips in the game, the guests can only rely on facial Yu animals and eating potato chips will be the entrance to his forehead, all the female guests were ignored sight, and make different buses, fresh hope to potato chips. Finally Si - qi win, win free access to 20 years of oral care products.

Hsu Shao-xiong play Hui Dong Luo Award

In the final part of a game, Yong Tang poetry, small and in-Si - qi, stuffed with soap slides, drop tanks, three results are systemic soaked, Si - qi into the sea, exposing more of a tremendous whole, only Hsu Shao-xiong and lots can be spared. Finally Hsu Shao-xiong become the ultimate big winner, winning 10,000 yuan cash awards and prizes. For Lu shares loopholes, lots belt that has been tied up well before the bear, she said with a smile if reporters have conscience, I hope it will not publish the photos, because this is the accident. Before she had come prepared with a jacket and wear sports shoes, playing the first game, have been the waist band cut to the waist.

Yong Tang poetry that drop hurts all of this, hit the hand? Also a bruising clash pelvis. Si - qi know beforehand to wear skirts, especially wearing a tremendous defense sneaked away, she also done preparations, the water will not wear a shirt perspective, the so-called wet water did not. For those living Hsu Shao-xiong sitting head, she said with a smile at that time too confusing, there are things only know how to plant her head and later found out it was Hsu Shao-xiong. Wu, as guests at yesterday's statement, she refers to both pay particular attention to the appearance of courting, she will not dare to play, but the next will remind guests do be careful.

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