Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cui Xi Li Yi burning without fear get the camera

Photo: Wu Fang (from left), Cui Xi, Qian Huang Ting sweet victory

23 fresh-Aunt candidate Beauty, the first time yesterday to meet the media-on-demand swimsuits, many ladies in the shape of the situation and can see thick chest pad. Before being favored? Look, Miss India. Ou-even swimsuits betray her lower body of excess body weight exposed. As with the fullness Wai? Li Yi, and burning? Anne, wearing the media continue to be a focus of a sweet appearance there? , Qian Huang Ting,? Cui Xi, and? No. Wu Fang.

Yesterday at the scene, we can see that most of the ladies in lower body fat, not only will the hips, buttocks and thighs are very stout, especially? Jia Wu Xing, the most strong build. She said: "Everyone's definition of the United States are different, a person's inner beauty and personality is the most important. (But always the first pageant-shape, may fear that they will lose corrosion?) The flowers into the eyes, as has been hailed as the most sexy woman Marilyn Monroe is not the most thin, but I also exercise and a diet, to participate in the contest and hope that their beautiful. "

Jia Wu Xing introduction of fertilizer

Ou Chi asked her to think of excess body weight swimsuit exposed? She somewhat at a loss: "I own country are usually wear a swimsuit head, so little wear. (Will the alleged fertilizer unhappy?) No, in fact I do not feel fat, but you said so I will try to lose weight. "? Cui Xi, and white skin is slippery she could feel asked Li Yi Burning 'She said with a smile no special attention to each other, but also feel great charisma, coupled with her work in Korea to front, on stage performing experience, this is her advantage.

The ballet dancers is burning Li Yi, right before their bodies lack of confidence, because the dancers are not too Wai, its fullness is of no confidence against her, but to restore confidence after the pageant, not because tall, but because they can be many different experiences, in particular can learn Cantonese.

Wear luminous swimsuit competition

Also, will be held on the 28th of this month the Asian sister in the final ATV Tai Po will be 20,000 square feet at the new plant, ATV Arts, vice president of public relations and publicity, Mr Jiabao said that the venues will be surrounded by the layout into Taiwan, the same as the concerts, he said: "ATV new plant can be said to be the largest in Asia. video plant, larger than the wireless. As for the ladies in swimwear this year will be made by the lights of the luminous swimsuit, revealed to the beautiful ladies build, and will be printed on the cheongsam in the previous Asian championship appearance sister, Li-chi, and fans. "

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