Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Playboy event genuine Lung her ugly face in shelter

Banner: Yumiko (right) will be early ancestors were grandmothers, embarrassed blush, $ (left) is sexy '

Drum "last night at the opening ceremony, Director Bi-have parents Jinhan, Lingbo Wangxinbeng couples and friends to support and actor awards also appeared Mummy Brian shoring market, and attracted quite a stir, although not for her relatives $ shoring market, but on rare up to sexy evening gowns debut before her boyfriend PENG Shun also read and praised her beautiful. "Counterfeit-her" Playboy (Yumiko) alone at the scene, though encounter "genuine Lung her" quiet but not recognize each other, which have to face in embarrassment.

She can not identify

Last night several actors have arrived at the scene earlier to the media cameras and visit, which Yumiko working with reporters and talk about ancestors were on the bed show that he has to clean the teeth before shooting and also cleared, then see the "genuine - her" quiet accompanied by scores couple arrived at the scene at the old Yumiko though distant, still remember couples greeted with the boss, after Market Hamplang heard the voice of her probe is still not see what was happening, told reporters before "Dragon her genuine", and because the ancestors of the Mummy cheek kiss DAN caused a furore, also told reporters Yumiko has been called the "Dragon her," the reason, she is Marines must use both hands when the embarrassed face a chuckle: "I do not recognize her, her low-key, I just seen her in magazines, I really do not know!"

Kiss Mom

Also last night who was wearing a white dress shirt and plain black pants, Mummy ancestors were immediately enthusiastic to see the site before the floor, dragged her Mummy more of a kiss on the cheek DAN, but who has always been afraid of the media to shoot a few photos that hastily admission. Ancestors were: "Mummy do not intend to initially, until the evening to change his mind, Mummy dressed very nice. (Mummy to come and will increase the pressure on you?) No, Mummy will be able to see her son more awe-inspiring! (You can read that Mummy and Yumiko movie will upset the bed? ) Mummy pre know that I will shoot this movie, but also the role. "He mentioned in" The Sun Also Rises "nude performances, Mummy may have any comments? Ancestors of a chuckle: "I stripped pigs, she used to see! But she did not play before the two to join in the not too bad this movie. "The father just Inspired by Jackie Chan to Singapore on business, we can not to join.

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