Thursday, October 11, 2007

If Lin Zhong Qian Jiang spectrum of diamond ornaments love

Banner: If Jiang Lin Tsai-him to accept diamond ornaments, the Sweet heart

If Jiang Lin (Elanne) and Zhong Qian Luo for the PS3 to full HD filming song "You dead" MV, the duo also attended yesterday's premiere at the banquet-him earners send more value to the 500,000 diamond chain Elanne, also promised future will have the opportunity to take care of her, Elanne workers beam with smiles. Before the original Elanne has received male fans send gifts of diamonds and a name brand handbags, because the other side will be afraid to return disappointed, so we have told each other again after not spending money to buy gifts for her.

Numerous injuries

Elanne Aberdeen and the Self-him and although many opportunities for cooperation, but have "g" in the other, so you countless injuries, as they recently co PENG Shun - directed film "Love pearls", which stresses a scene-him earners save beauty, makes Elanne tragic - that struck three abdomen, Elanne: " because the plot - that I was speaking press, Aberdeen on help-him - that I started, but the natural response to that - I kicked the stomach three times, although not OK, but let the water hit because the pipes and stasis. "

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