Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Cuicui design of the coffin of the dead Choi

Photo: Design coffin of Cuicui not unlucky

Ye and Wang Yixin Cuicui yesterday at the Cyberport malls in the "Odd coffin 10000 St. Exhibition opening ceremony", together with other designers display their well-designed coffin, with the coming Halloween, and in general to see the coffin peacetime days.

Design coffin

Cuicui responsible for the design of the coffin, it is inevitable that Lenovo is the first bad intention, but she had another opinion that the design is a good coffin business, but everyone's life will always use a coffin. Cuicui chuckle: "Everyone should use the coffins one is a good business, a good job in the future if I set this business, I promised each sent a coffin." Reporters at the scene to know. Cuicui said more exhibitors for the design of the coffin, recently visited sites spent more than three hours to complete, the coffins of all the cotton is broken by hand forced, production, must wear masks to avoid inhaling too much cotton dust-induced pulmonary broken.

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