Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Joey Yung motherhood, the wish to Aberdeen

Banner: Wei-lan (from left), Shi Wei, who, A Sa songs and congratulated each other

Joey Yung last night in Mandarin songs ceremony, and three awards, and won "Best Female Singer" award, although Chinese singers excel in the evening ceremony, songs that Hong Kong singers more difficult to break into the Chinese market, this evening also honored achievements and happy. Songs added that Hong Kong singers to the Chinese market development, taking into account Hong Kong, it will be separated from the two periods, as long as the contrary recording Mandarin Chinese music singer, but also take into account the development everywhere.

Late marriage can

Singer refers to the development of a Chinese market, will earn more money, songs ourselves do not know, the most important thing is to have more people understand their own will give her more job opportunities. In recent years, she should take the Hong Kong and Chinese market, makes no bones not enough 24-hour day, she would take advantage of their youth and strength are, in the next three to five years to sprint. Asked songs in three to five years after the contract can be married and Aberdeen? Songs that she had calculated that the fastest in its 35-year-old before expiry Moreover been married too quickly, she thought, but would like to, Aberdeen, she got to BB. Subsequent songs properly, it really would like to take a physical and youthful years, and actively work to take full advantage of development opportunities.

Twins win SHE

Twins shake SHE win as the evening ceremony, "the most popular composition" award winner, a total of two awards. Twins, Chinese songs to win prizes, it seems that more and more difficult, despite the achievements of Hong Kong singer than Chinese singers, that does not mean that Hong Kong singer than lose loss because 2001 results do not represent musical trend. Twins's tour, they should begin planning for the buried Mandarin albums and CDs are Guangdong film work, very busy.

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