Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lin Feng male aides hope to eliminate sex scandal

Photo: Lin Feng said a teenage drama actor without fear Positions scandal

Lin Feng, Disney Xi (RON), Chen Jian-feng, Malaysia yesterday that the church and the airport-based drama went to Yunnan shooting wireless "juvenile Sidaimingbu." This many local actors will stay in three weeks.Lin Feng was accused before, and Disney Xi Chen Jian Ming-feng boycott of Malaysia yesterday is the only one not send fans of the artist, seems to be particularly lonely. Malaysia that only brought a box accompanied baggage, quite light. He said with a smile this time with a group of old clothes to wearing End can be discarded. While the artist, to most fans celebrated Xi, with a lot of gifts given to idols, competing photographs. The final climb Xi hands are not available all the gifts, to put some luggage. Lin Feng and by the scene yesterday, but still the fans kept photographs, the latest results become one of the turnstiles.

Men more drama

Lin Feng by the scene, but he explained his good time, but did not see Qi, only to the ATM withdrawals. Lin Feng before the dress, has commissioned a female assistant, was scandal. He asked whether the female assistants to the rich man? He said: "I have not been writing enough?" He admitted not to ask female assistant for the men before the Yi Lu aides help. News that he may be with the actress-play scandal, Lin Feng said that not afraid, because there are no show actress. He appears to be invisible as transparent.

Mr Xi not be scolded

Xi also said Disney is not afraid of scandal, but his mind before that he and Lin Feng Chen Jian Ming-feng Cup Gema States. He refers to all private absolutely no problem. But recently it has been reported that his shots difficult to serve because when the show was behind the staff with language greetings. Disney Xi think this is not necessarily the facts, he stressed that he privately with the staff has no problem with.

The church is the only one of Don actress, she said the Yunnan to three weeks, she left the family a long time, she brought a beloved beer and 3-paternity sleep. Turning to reports that she will succeed Mengjiahui filming "runny turmoil 2," she said that show will begin shooting in January, but she did not know whether the flight Mengjiahui or her replacement matter. She felt involved in the shooting have been very happy.

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