Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Daniel Chan development without pressure to return to music

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Daniel Chan yesterday to the Metro Radio accept Ms Nancy Sit visit during which reaches into a special milk bottles to Dongdong, his new moral posture SOLDIER music. NEE no bones now start from zero, but not when they are new again, the fact that he is no longer new. That means NEE entry has not changed so far, seems to play a "preservatives", Dongdong said with a smile did not eat tomatillos, only eat a little preservatives.

Dongdong new songs have in recent months begun to send, but the new will be introduced. Ask him SOLDIER music have not used? He said it was not, not pressure. His quick smile is not enough money flu pressure? NEE - him said, how can! He acknowledged that now work for the interest, not to pressure himself. Asked his mind prizes will be gains and losses? Dongdong that will work for the awards, gains on Luo Luo, not even in the absence of force Award. To ask him whether or not quick enough money NEE relationship, it did not work pressure? He said with a smile inside he is rich of the poor, do not say that he was very rich, made recently in order to concentrate on the plates, he pushed a lot of appearance money-making opportunities, a loss of seven figures.

Since NEE SOLDIER music, We often been turned, which he said do not mind generous, otherwise how can sells magazines?

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