Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eason could increase two to be donated to SEA Games

Banner: Eason opened two more, the Fund will be donated to East Win

"2009 East Asian Games Eason's Moving On Stage Concerts" reacted warmly, the organizers decided to further open November 9 to 10, two concerts, a total of 15 market. Announced at a press conference yesterday Additional good news, Eason Chan (Eason) in conjunction with the 5th East Asian Games Chairman of the Preparatory Committee, Mr Timothy Fok, an additional two concerts that the proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to "Hong Kong 2009 East Asian Games trading fund", Eason Timothy Fok spot testing comparison with Table Tennis, more Timothy Fok proposed initiative to write a song personally gave 2009 East Asian Games, being talked of.

Canada is the limit to 15 games

Eason that know Andy Lau has Paralympic Games songwriting, he felt that movement can resolve discrimination, social harmony. Eason could have busy rehearsing, exercise regularly, he found himself lost his temper opportunity to reduce or even help improve emotional problems. Timothy Fok Eason praised the brilliant tennis skills, and he plays basketball on a smart, especially the neck and cross-foot hoop. As for whether he will have cooperation with the East Asian Games? Eason feel that sports and music are linked, said with a smile most want to try Even the magazines gymnastics shirt, performing gymnastics and argue waist!

Eason could once again add to 15 games candidly said to be satisfied with, I believe that will no longer be Canadian market, like Zhang, also said with a smile difficult to achieve mid-20 market, we should let this group of younger generation of space some progress, he is expected to meet his own fitness to 15 games is almost a. He then they will have spicy dance performances? Eason Tokebis and said with a smile, what have, warm-up dancing, cycling dance, ping pong dance, dance all the water, he Every Word Chu Chi, all with the campaign.

The high-profile non-jumped the writings

Early in the stage performances writings hurt "egg" Eason, the other day for Miriam Yeung concert performances, the writings on stage again, suddenly jumped two meters high platform, the result of him by security personnel, saying that they can not afford. Eason explained this, in fact they have the confidence to do so, ask ourselves sportsmanship cells, but also insole, there is no problem, if Taiwan is three meters high, he would not jump. Argentina asked his wife Xu do not cause trouble him? Eason said: "My wife sentence did not talk." And that with the thousands of Hua their very origins, we grew up together, going to be the night-gifts, sentimental impulse, not too many would like, he smiled that the audience likes to see the original "mouth" scenes. Eason could ask, will insert Davies scenes? Asked what he smiled insert? Insert athletes ah? It also disclosed an additional two concerts that the contents of a little change.

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