Thursday, October 18, 2007

Stephen: None ability to block Sir Zhan

Banner: Stephen send began VCD and bowling, most thought

Orlando (Sin) yesterday invited to "be my guest" do guests, and agreed chair Stephen send gifts bowling and he and his wife Cumeizhen drama of the situation "over the 18-storey" VCD, I see drama began shouting modeling detestable form that is, full, "a wet guys", but that may be because "Chatham wet" to catch up with his wife.

Explosion brother Stephen also was recovering Argentine Qi, every midnight snack with her, but after the Cold War dating six months, because the two began a pedal boat, which began a chuckle: "Young people of the world is not one foot of the two ships, is a few pedal boat." Also on January 9 next year is the 18th anniversary of the elder marriage he said frankly did not think of how to celebrate, most meals and singing K, he said: "Together with the children over the past few years are to celebrate, because his wife was reluctant to them, but the family dinner and had a great atmosphere."

Before and wireless text cooperation with a heartwarming children's programs "DaDaDeDe Wizard Paradise", now suddenly pulled the item, is in doubt because the new Sir Zhan stage "million-Taiwan-Desperate Housewives" offended the wireless due to Stephen verify the matter yesterday, he said: "I understand the matter is purely editors, as now, first of a table tennis programs, as far as I know children's programs have been written to the head of the troupe he explained the reasons for the mobilization is not blocked. (Zhan Sir feel good overbearing wireless license?) it is the misunderstanding, no reason to shut out, because to respect artistic freedom, but also to respect the editorial freedom, in fact, he is the master of drama, we have no ability to block him. He and his Taiwan to celebrate the title, we should correct pleased and thank him because of his performances, wireless will not trivial and unhappy. (wireless Zhan Sir whether the blacklist?) no matter, (but I have heard that Zhan Sir Daming was posted by the license?) If a drawer on the blacklist are not posted out! (Zhan Sir indicated a wish to get back the program's copyright license?) If really would respect his decision. "Chan added that Sir Zhan also with itself familiar, and appreciate the other side, the other side he has to enjoy each drama.

In addition, the wireless-Taiwan has decided this year to its highest honor the "Star Award" was presented to William Sound, and Sound has been discharged yesterday, when asked whether personally accept the award honors? Wan said that yet to be determined, all depends on the will of Jupiter, although she has been discharged from hospital but may still not appearance, as do the arts want to show the best side of people.

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