Monday, October 01, 2007

Daniel Chan drop the suit singing Khan

"World Heart Day 2007 - Heart Health Carnival" held yesterday in Happy Valley, many singers have the support of artists, including Mr Alex Fong, bathing children, the official Ballet, Manhattan, Miss Yu Fei Lang, and I Lee, Daniel Chan, as "heart-Star."

Violin accompaniment

Talk about heart health, Dongdong said in this line of work, because the rest erratic, and less attention to diet, like everywhere in the mainland before, sick pay, rely on fresh vitamin pills to stay healthy. Reporter that he is a smoker, he said that the smoke will reduce water, regular body check will now have some cholesterol are high and sensitive skin only. The hot weather yesterday, but Daniel Chan wearing a black suit to sing the Mandarin and English versions of the new version of the theme song, stepped down after all the heat sweating all over. He said that because the General Assembly invited the violin accompaniment, he wore a suit with.

Ella source

No smoking itself Beach infants, because fear affect heart health, but Mr Wen Greek managers have previously doubted she was a smoker. When I first came to Hong Kong because she, Mani think her teeth yellow, but in fact her entire family are not fresh cigarettes. Mr Alex Fong on referring to his former athletes, will focus on health. He would often do in peacetime with oxygen movement, not because of normal rhythm, will be done regularly with their family medical checks. While Greer (Niki) annual gynecological examinations will be done, but the original has never done physical examination. Reference Manager Officer Thomas joined her record company BMA, said that before she had met with each other, she felt that the other side is good and the work of dedicated people, the company is a good thing. The official Ballet (Ella) will be staying, not going with the stall manager, because he is the source of drinking water.

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