Monday, October 01, 2007

Song Yi Cai mountain town Es4 Feelings

[Han Chongqing on the 30th - 8:00 last night, concert, "not feeling" global concert at Chongqing shiny Live, "velvet days," the euphemism deep voice, elegant flowery style, humor, witty language for the perfect mountain town fans bring a Visual Feast.

The concert will be divided into "a situation of Shanghai", "Hong Kong a situation", "Taipei a situation," and "a nostalgic feeling" four chapters, each chapter are in the most memorable year, the most popular-sounding songs. The concert "Time Tunnel" in the form of before and after passing 80 times.

Never mind, "We love you"

Lights dimmed, the music sounded great on the screen with butterflies, Xuan Zhou, Li Xianglan, print, and her star image surfaced on January 1, dressed in gorgeous red gown from the Golden lifts slowly to the front of the audience, an "Wandering Girl," fans earn applause greeted the tsunami. The second the first "Shanghai Nights," a jubilant touch with the rhythms, the body writhed in, from time to time both in evening gowns expose high heels for everyone to see. Songs in space, not to ridicule the audience at the concert Jay also said "We love you." "I can almost see"

"Never forget, never forget, never forget your fault ..." a milk yellow, crystal beaded gown almost the "velvet days" and appeared in front of you. "There is not a beauty Lau advertisements? I liked it, I was close again around 1:00. If I advertise, I will tell you that, like me? Beyond retirement, insisted beyond! Because of this I can not close, is slowly appreciate the need for long-distance . "Celebrate the self-ridicule of the fans laugh laugh.

Cantata "sweet honey"

After Dressed in elegant touch again to a green gown, "Green Serenade" with a complement each other. Qin said this song is the first Institute of childhood song. Next, another first is a classic songs from the audience again and again resonate. When the concert singing her election "sweet honey", all fans to a chorus atmosphere to orgasm.

In a final chapter in the Golden Rose to a noble red dress. Taiwan She continued singing, reached every corner of the stage, the audience and chorus, "looking like your gentle", the atmosphere reached a high point of the scene. Finally, the days slowly lowered from the arena and repeatedly sang the phrase "Today, year after year, I can not remember ... stop."

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