Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Vanness Wu had the potential into Hollywood

Banner: Vanness Wu (right) congratulate him winning comedy

Chinese Wushu Association, the Songshan Shaolin Temple, Shenzhen Satellite TV, the Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited, China felt efforts in recent years to the theme of much importance in the global film and certainly decided by the beginning of this year organized "Chinese kungfu Global Festival" events, we also hope to have recognition of the Chinese Kung Fu Special contributions and impact of actors and behind-the-scenes staff. The invitation of Jackie Chan, Jin Yong, Stanley Tong, CHENG Xiao-dong, comedy, Yu Wang, El, Stanley Kwan, Gordon attended the activities, and Vanness Wu while attending the identity of the winners.

Vanness Wu photographed before many action films, such as "juvenile AP", "Raptors" and "Kung Fu invincible." Vanness Wu itself with the disciples of the Shaolin Temple uses special status, coupled with good skill by the General Assembly accreditation and the attention of many major directors and voting, presented the "new forces Prize Chinese kungfu", he would optimistic about Jackie Chan and Jet Li Ji, another potential market into the Hollywood martial arts star.

Vanness Wu noted that the award was very happy, companies must take the initiative to ask for him to accept the award in person arrived at the scene, he certainly would like to thank the General Assembly, and can also hope that the worship of idols such as Jackie Chan, Yuen, Gordon and Jin Yong, and other meetings. Vanness Wu day is akin to small Fans, take the initiative to ask to take pictures and signatures with the idols. Jackie Chan, Yuen, Joey these predecessors have given him a lot of martial arts and performance guidance and suggestions so that he benefited greatly from.

Vanness Wu, officiated at the ceremony, preparations for the October 28 to be held in Taiwan F4 remix activities, but also shooting apparel advertising. After a film a television series Kung Fu, also under preparation for a personal album, very busy.

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