Thursday, October 04, 2007

Eason says no ice with Metro position

Eason Chan (Eason) and Kelly Chan (Kelly) as "Samsung Olympic Torch publicity ambassador", the "Samsung Olympic torch" campaign, we call on the spot selected for the eyes of the Hong Kong and Macau Olympic torch, and many candidates for the Olympic torch canvassing action . Eason also hate a torch, so it is a form candidates, but lost the final end, he was elected with a public meeting and shook hands with the Olympic torch, praised their great efforts, said with a smile when the Olympic torch-torch at the same time, he can also hold an alternative torch run together, side intake lens.

Question company

Turning to the Metro after the earthquake, Shumengdui to play, Universal executives said will carry Eason talk peace with Metro ice, Eason laughed asked the reporters: "kicked off the ice to shake hands? This will the pain. (If the company accuser ice, will you go?) Such companies, whether to be with gloves ? in fact, I recently took the breast Renowned dance to a lot of dancing! "When asked Eason to the Metro. He said by the company to this degree, that the world ice-breaking problem with the Metro, he is also a good thing. Eason said frankly: "do not stand singer, in short, will attend the activity, wait pleasure. (Record companies with the relationship between Metro, it will affect the end of the awards ceremony?) These companies will be more nervous than me, I will be worried that their performances. "Biography will be discussed soon the struggle for the news. Eason think that is good news.

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