Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kelly said with a smile playing really thankfully immortality

Kelly Chan (Kelly) in Beijing filming the new movie "Jiangshan Beauty", and has repeatedly thrown injuries suffered terribly, she was finally safe After this show to Hong Kong. Kelly yesterday attended "Samsung Olympic torch" campaign, said with a smile: "can finally come back to complete, is thankfully!"

With Cross 360

Kelly was wearing a gauze skirt, attended activities, as big winds, the platform has been blown from her gauze skirt, see her from time to time holding down the skirt, whom Eason also deliberately tried to stand in front of wind and Kelly, fortunately not sneaked away. Kelly also busy in recent months in Beijing filming the new movie "Jiangshan beauty," she pleased, said: "After this show finally safe, it can come back to the integrity, really, thank goodness. After this show, we all feel sorry to see, I was directing more engaging shouting. "Kelly makes no bones, The following night to shoot movie, very hard, in addition to many movie scenes from the same time, more exposure to shoot into the drama, but also wants horses friends, exchange feelings, hoping that it shooting listen to obey it. Earlier injured her hair, which left a scar on the arm, has been decreasing faded scar today, Kelly said: "Although no pain, but some kind bad, I wear armor in the movie, like a Ying-Wei, and 800,000 have told the 360 drama, very strong, because I have with the old, so shooting when should live, not much action. "

She was scared to death

Kelly in Beijing during the shooting, her boyfriend Hou Alex has, she said: "He once on the past, he had to reactivate it once more, but I see poor facilities here, asking him not to come back and see me beat her show, also buried a hate playing at home playing stick to his view, he scared to death! now he is definitely my sixth, I see him play so strong, back immediately. "

Just talk about her gauze skirt dangerous wind was blowing, Kelly revealed that the shorts have their backing, is not worried that sneaked away. After returning from Beijing, Kelly said it should immediately recordings, later also have a lot of work to do, but also dubbing for the film.

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