Monday, October 15, 2007

Eason stamping on the field 000 Hua Xiao Du REQUEST kiss

Banner: Eason wife,'re combative mouth thousands Hua

Miriam Yeung concert will be held the day before in the second, after the first with a sex scandal boyfriend Louis Koo "focus, the night before last when the two upcoming Zuizui, has been pre-empt the audience related:" Drainage mouth! " Du heard could not help laughing. They did not embarrassing, but more painful mouth, as long as three or four seconds, elevation 1,000 feet, reveling Hua more.


Eason and his wife Hilary Ying came to appreciate, all shouting Eason came to power, thousands of Hua said with a laugh: "pipes are opened later than about concerts, fly to see you hungry to buy! Drainage is not over, and good risk? ! (Middle of the gallery and stage big gap!) "But Eason in hard and suddenly get up go gallery the front, and then leaped ground two meters deep under the table, again taking office stairs, and scared the presence of staff for a 1,000 Hua clean Khan.

Taking mouth play

Eason praised thousands of Hua dance some progress, their active practice for the concert, and suggested the dance instead of singing. He indicated kin from songs, danced with the mechanical dance music, all into thunderous applause at once. Then City to the upper single inverted - shallot, he says with a laugh: "I am a good effort dance performances, according to City home half." Thousands of Hua praise his dancing smart, Eason hearing that she projected on the floor Baidoa, 000 Hua rushed also kneel down Baidoa He answered, said with a laugh: "You really ghosts of Ma trouble!" Eason afraid she Optical shots-lifting, 000 Hua said with a smile: "I was famous for backing Wang." Eason also funny to learn that carries send kiss, but not the presence of his wife, only finance Duzui play mouth.

The day before thousands of Hua wearing a black dress singing "", former gold medal audience to see the old colleagues, feeling tears. Last night watching guests were Alex Fong, Cork higher.

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