Monday, October 15, 2007

Le-dawn no longer link for infants

Banner: Le-dawn away sexy for infants

"Shasha women silver bag Day" yesterday at Sha Tin Race Course to be held at the many celebrity guests have attended the meeting, Ho Kwong Mei-yun, streams Ping, and others love Ju have competition, there are other celebrities attended the filming, Lee Hau and his wife, Lim Por wife, Abbie and Chen Chen Miao-yong. The General Assembly has also arranged for four model watch, stunned, Ana R. and Joycelyn, and so more than 100 million diamond ornaments model interpretation, but also contain music of infants arrived at the scene, as Presentation guests.

Kings Ho horse. "Explosion" in a nose-winning eighth "Shasha women's silver bags", and even won the "Best Award appearance horses." Angel of four horses too beam-line performance when tensions initially thought the second run, when that first run, the performance of excitement. After four also too easy to join in and pull winners, she said that "explosion" is the first pull winners. This won four fresh abalone shark fin too intend to celebrate.

Swimsuit is the bottom line

Le said of infants are learning how to bet, but they do not understand qualifying. Asked about her gambling Win? Child said with a smile-do not know, because it has not tried before to the United States and Canada have not into casinos, because then less than 21 years old. Recent reports about her "you appear" shoot the slimming advertisements, will be the last one to wear swimwear show people. Child said with a smile-no matter that she did not intend to retire. She feels that is not particularly sexy to wear swimsuits, but acknowledged that it is now wear sexy swimsuit bottom line. She asked whether it is because together with the dawn? She said that they do not mind wearing not know each other before she tried topless (Williams), but now will be wearing the reporter wrote that she would rather not wearing. She is not afraid to recognize their impact, but avoid affecting Leon. Whether that Leon will not approve a sexy? If he does not recognize children approval himself will not take up. But Leon has previously tried and complained because she sexy? She said that in fact do not feel sexy. 再問到她覺得Leon很傳統嗎? Leon ask her feel very traditional? She said with a smile are OK, she often showmanship will wear swimsuits, the same is true in beach wear.

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