Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Evans said that language should not be a double standard

Evans and photographer Sunny Lau yesterday at a certain bookstore, "Exodus" briefing book, and a forum to share with the audience during filming, "a" white tablets many characters, the audience questioned whether such needs. Evans said: "Then, why do we say that language on weekdays? Real life is fundamental, but can not be ruled out, we had the double standards, the English language can, but we can not Chinese. "He pointed out that investors in the commercial point of view, the hope that the film has been classified as not three, This is a small group of viewers under the age of 18, while viewers see these films, also from pirated or illegal Internet downloading that is the ultimate beneficiary of piracy, Evans felt that they are restricted in creative freedom.

Viewers have asked why there are so many slots "ridiculous" idea into the film. Evans said with a smile while the world is full of ridiculous that he has been the chief executive before the sentence "I want to be really good in the slogan of" very ridiculous, he feels a chief executive with the phrase "wage earners" as he feels that the Chief Executive should be done and the ability to work outside the scope of things, to process breaking the status quo, he joked: "The Chief Executive of the Manager role to play seems, is not a breakthrough."

Le film actor Aberdeen postponed

In addition, the festival is shooting new movie "broken thing," actor lineup with Eason Chan, and the Black Grandma, Grandma asked eye injuries can affect the progress. He said the actor-earners will be taken later, he is considering the "eye injury" modeling into their role in the killer. As for, and who's the actor was not photographed, asked whether the tablets were at "an Aberdeen". Evans refers to his only two good students will be asked to join Mr Alex Fong Kok adds realism men do. He would never say that.

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