Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hong Zhuo Li Guoqing show that jump wrong

"Hong Kong compatriots to celebrate the 58 anniversary of the National Day soiree" last night wearing false grand held yesterday afternoon rehearsal activities, including the singer Deng Ying-chi, Hong Zhuo Li, Xiewenya, together with Timothy Fok and walked several MC, MC, Chen Zhijing to roast pigs worship ceremony.

Marks National Day is being, the General Assembly prior to the Special instructed not to wear black singers shirt, gold, silver and red color-based celebrations, the evening several young singers will work to interpret "Hong Kong people" one, the third in the National Deng Ying-chi performances, rehearsals before their very smoothly, the original Pai will be six hours, the result has been successfully completed three hours.

Hong Zhuo Li in the first National Day performances, both admitted feeling nervous and fresh, with dance performances on stage, he did not dance talent has always ask ourselves, said with a smile will be beautiful dance moves like jumping into healthy, but he also worried that the wrong dance, performed sleep the night before did not dare hope that the time for practice. Hong Zhuo Li added that the company had arranged for him to learn to dance, but he did not have time too busy with work, so he hoped that companies not to arrange fast song to him.

Timothy Fok called on the National Day of concern

In addition, the teen was born in Myanmar less than recent contact local relatives, she was worried. Mr Fok said, in fact, every year with Myanmar son to volunteer, asked him to be worried about local relatives, he pointed out that the National Day is the day that we had better care about is their own country 58 anniversary. Prosecutors have asserted that he will not be with the compound and asked him to be very disappointed. Pointing to the media that Mr Fok said: "They are young singers." Asked whether he continued to hoop burning. Mr Fok told reporters that finger, to say religious avoided the problem. Asked whether he Zhongqiu reunion. He smiled Please refer to eat suckling pig, not answered.

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