Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Liangrongzhong said to own the most important

Wireless Taiwan-special programs "striving to explore Mt.Yuzhufeng" before shooting went Qinghai, in the three artistes Liangrongzhong, Casey and Cuijianbang, Aberdeen yesterday - more than 3,000-foot elevation in the Golmud radio program visit, he revealed himself yesterday at 2,000 feet elevation headache when there high altitude syndrome respond quickly to settle down fortunate.

Cuijianbang serious headache

Ji-zhong earners in high altitude syndrome reaction after yesterday Cuijianbang very serious headache, Chung Tsai said other possible activities than faster. As for Casey because of the recently completed "Galloping miracle" race, which is why she try to rest. For three of them - this trip is to wash the end Bo rebound. Aberdeen chuckle: "I really wear lingerie for a few days, serious, I really have thought about how this issue. (Do you promise not repeat itself?) I said yes with their own, but I do not need to explain to you, I think the most important thing is their own and other people's arguments, I can not ink So as long as they do a good job on it. (confession to the camera?) Not yet, but this should be a cardiac! "

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