Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The first people who protagonist into Adidas

Banner: Adidas advertising who became the protagonist

Adidas sports apparel brand launches new autumn and winter 2007 women's sportswear line, in line with massive propaganda offensive, the first time the invitation of local brands popular idol Black (who) of the Hong Kong advertising protagonist, who become the first in the history of Adidas advertising performances actress, who is this was flattered, as she always is this brand loyal fans.

Worked hard "to argue lumbar" broken record

Because of the advertising campaign will join elements, who in this special week before the shooting has started to practice, and reinforcement daily running three hours or more to show people the best. Filming day campaign to highlight the female body the United States, who embodiment of "snake Beauty" and maintain "argue lumbar" gesture more than two hours, directors and shooting teams in the field while shooting review of the side effects, supreme alarming. She laughs: "Although the trip six years I kept village and the production of action films, but I never experienced such a long time 'argue' waist, this is a record!" Fortunately, after the shooting, the staff of caring for her massage immediate relief.

After the shooting who most Hurdle at the action, although she has secondary school track and field team members, but the shooting must not take them lightly, in order to allow the directors to capture her most perfect moment of takeoff, Hurdle at more than 100 times. And tomorrow afternoon, who will also appeared apm shopping center, attended a news conference to brand.

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