Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Inquiries reported that creative parties

Westminster (Bobby), and Frankie's inquiries shooting drama "Forensic Heroes 2" location, the plot on the scene in Fatal traffic accidents, three forensic team to gather evidence.

Recently, a senior wireless magazine that year were divided into two, namely, led by Stephen "send word cloud", and Le Yi Ling Li-zhen and has led "Le-zhen Union", Le Yi-ling Chen Hao will love, physically, and others have become cannon fodder for the presentation ceremony. derision this story good and creative, fresh, he stressed that the actor never regardless of party, we focus on work. Le said he is easy to love Ling, Jia Ying said: "No ah! Yun I have praise of the relations between the basket oh yes, he will not favoritism in the office, the company's total capacity of some good, some not good enough on the ability, not heard of the party assigned to play. "

Bobby beat the field drying rejection Paper

In fact Jiaying foot has healed a lot, later shooting the opening scene blasting show titles grenade on his escape, he has been made to cope with. As disclosed earlier shooting a Westminster Da Ya battlefield mouth, skin drying to the skin rejection, also said that a police shooting boyfriend drama, the Provisional remember feeling chest, Bobby candor is not the other side, the collision is unavoidable.

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