Friday, October 12, 2007

Masters confronted think good feelings Anita Mui

Banner: FIRE every 10 November would think Mandarin master

Denise Ho, bathing infants, shoes, Chen Wei Alliance, the day before Chenbaiyu such as "pop songs" video. Happened the night before last (10) is 44-year-old ritual TING Anita Mui, Vincy Chan and Chen Bo Yu, and other singers in Lebanon Oda's accordion sing the songs a number of albums, memory albums. On the contrary, as the disciples did not interpret the master shirt on the song, she explained everything wireless arrangement, but she sing the title song "graining", with feelings on the language, said: "In today can sing this song, feel very happy, some will not dilute一生一世feelings."

Confronted afterwards speakers mentioned this song is recalled, in concert the evening of this special day, find it very interesting. As for the other singers sing Mandarin songs, whether some sad? She said: "Every year a nearly October, November inevitably still remember that in peacetime would not deliberately take the master of view, but for the master fans before the birthday celebration, will see after that feeling." She also mentioned earlier visits to Cambodia, the infection may be local, so that the left eye Health "Stone", the doctor recommended after anesthesia pick walk with a needle, although she feel terror, but they will be considered for treatment.

Shoes that never arrogant

Recently there were reports that jurors signing East Asia, and in the wireless Asustek, the senior major radio he could have been chosen by the end of the presentation ceremony in the winner. He heard that now have the opportunity to have a good singing happily, the end prize is to encourage, but does not and will not unhappy. He said with a smile on the last territory is already four years ago, because the reports will not increase the confidence. People are referring to his recent red swollen, he said he has not arrogant, others say he is unable to, he would treasure now things.

In addition, the beaches back to Singapore earlier shooting infants album cover, the students learn about people from the Peach her five years, the man also a Beach child five years ago gave the portrait of her. Asked may feel that the other side started the pursuit? She laughs: "letting nature take its course! He works in Singapore do, if we only asked me to find him on the floor from. (There are no opportunities for development?) If he has the persistence and perhaps I have moved to, but now we are good friends. "

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