Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sister Qi 100,000 bridal wear not want to marry

Photo: Sister Qi crystal bridal wear, that the photographs were

Supermodel fun Qi (Kathy) interpretation of the famous fashion designer yesterday HE Zheng (Dorian Ho) worth 100,000 yuan designed crystal wedding, the wedding took three months, all of the motherland's reunification with 10,000 staff crystal, it is particularly valuable, and Kathy interpretations are particularly careful to avoid deleted Crystal .

Dorian first to BB shirt

Dorian departure today, was unable to attend last night turtle daughter "is a feast," he laughs: "I design clothes for her, but not necessarily to go to banquets." Consecutive two-day "is a feast," the first night is underway Zhengzhaoliang wearing apparel design, asked whether the second Late wearing only his works. Dorian: "It should be, (she designed what?) She likes the color orange and such, the most important thing is to be highlighted her temperament, but she's given a very short time, so rush it, and this is the first time I do BB shirt, when BB tailor feel good when in particular, (tailor at BB Guai?) She let me lie on the sofa, nothing difficult, but on the first of the two large yards. (whether the mother loaded?) that said, but not exactly the same. "

Experts akin to marriage

Kathy has been interpreted countless wedding, the wedding theme writings to two, akin to marriage experts, she smiled: "I think the important bridal pair of irresistible good, although today's bridal luxury good, but a life people, I feel so worthy of wearing, especially playing at the lights, even wearing. (Dorian marriage, it will please you design for the wedding?) I wonder if he has time, he so busy (it can now wear wedding?) Today, I wear a (yes oh when will the marriage?) this is perhaps one married and Aberdeen, but they are not yet thought about (not impulse? ?) No, probably a matter of time. "

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