Thursday, October 11, 2007

See Wah blaze - "really serious"

Banner: LIN boy as a good brother

"Brothers" in the mid-exhibition boss Andy Lau yesterday in conjunction with the "English" LIN interviewed together. Tsai also respect the reality of life when Jiadong its "hand, foot," because Jiadong is definitely a "good brothers."

Love to hear sweet talk

Tsai said that he did in this trip for many years, he is a friend as a "brother" and "brother" in his mind is not a "calculated" and "calculated" have not "brothers." He said: "As long as we do not see my brother on the head not to raise them, not to hurt me to death, unable to survive on it. Perhaps some people will think you fraternizing others, but take advantage of non-stop, I think there is no absolute in this world, everything has two sides, no right or wrong, and sometimes I would even want to reach advantage will be at least sweet talk to offend you because you like to listen to sweet talk? "Tsai said that his brother used to be very input into not know how to extricate injured, but he grew up, the brothers will be similarly good, but if the original is not found each other brothers, learning not get back.

The brothers and Jiadong, the boy said: "He signed my company, the company a few years ago, I have the lawsuit, I said the following artists do not know whether the future company, if you can go left, so to affect your future, Jiadong phrase did not ask to stay, he has to disguise is the hand-foot - I ' -- such as physical as the hands and feet. "

No guts speech Mr. Yi

This little boy asked the blaze, was before the storm that many do not and Wuhu, boy may have talked with residence? Tsai said, "I believe that residence is very sensible person, he would know what this trip is all about right and wrong. I call him I think is an insult to him, he would not believe the rumors outside. I told the blaze friends, we can Xinzhao, has been rarely telephone contact, I call him, I fear he will not accustomed to, Ha Ha. "The residence of the film" Color, quit, "Tsai has extolled the field, made really admire residence, we can not ask him to do this role, in addition to his residence that well, to think that this blaze drama it is possible that the performances be so bold , the majority is more willing to shoot more input role promised. Tsai said: "I really do not believe that the residence is to know when to film such bold performances, I do not ask this role, if alert to film, then I have not. I also thought the dream bursts originate my own role, easy! Blaze really formidable! "

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