Friday, October 12, 2007

"Jupiter" William admitted sudden coma

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Artist William "Jupiter" in Kowloon Tong yesterday morning apartments coma, sent to Queen Elizabeth Hospital emergency room treatment for more than two hours later, transferred to Queen Mary Hospital intensive care unit in hospital. Cheng Hsin daughter has been accompanied in the side that refused the mother's situation. Liang Jie our reporter

Bermuda in September last year found that the liver tumor and cholangiocarcinoma, during which she went to Canada for medical treatment, and then return to Hong Kong many times in the hospital and out, and repeated the news-condition deteriorated frequented hospitals. At about 10 am yesterday, Bermuda mansion in Kowloon Tong Garden home in Cambridge coma, his family reported immediately summoned an ambulance to hospital where she was required to wear oxygen masks to breathe, daughter Zheng Championships and two women, accompanied by friends and relatives to hospital. Hearing this, dozens of journalists gathered at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital emergency room waiting outside an interview.

Last year found cancer

When the ambulance arrived, dozens of photographers and electronic media photographers, will be surrounded by numerous ambulances. Bermuda was pulled ambulances, ambulancemen with cloth to cover up their face, but her eyes are still visible near-white. Jupiter was directly into the emergency room where several dozen reporters followed from entering the scene was chaotic, the hospital sent more than 20 staff arrived at the scene to maintain order and allow the press area to avoid media interviews impact of hospital operation. The wife of director Chang Cheh driving a car seven people to stop and no response to the reporter's inquiry, it went straight to A & E departments.

Reporters interviewed 200

About two hours later, emergency room doctors that the situation has become more stable honors, as she accepted an operation and treatment are carried out in Hong Kong Queen Mary Hospital, and doctors and family members to discuss Heights, decided to arrange an ambulance transfer. Once recovery and Verbena reporter questioned the circumstances of their mother, but she refused to comment on face in, they hurriedly boarded the ambulance.

As sailors to be arranged by the secret channel to leave, the reporter can only "send rear."

When Chang Cheh wife to leave the hospital, dozens of journalists hopes to learn about the honors of her illness, she is not in response to drive left. Reporters surrounded by seven vehicles, the results have been run over by the feet journalists reported injured, seven vehicles did not stop. No casualties reported to the accident and emergency department.

Sound unconscious admission, entertainment reporters take edition and magazines, more than 100 people rushed to Queen Mary Hospital, while waiting for the ambulance arrived escorted honors. The hospital also avoid confusion, dispatched a large number of manpower in all major channels to maintain order. When the ambulance arrived at the scene, the same cause confusion.

Hospital refuses negotiations illness

Sound of the attending doctor Mrs Chong-mao has been to ward understanding of illness, the hospital said that based on the patient's family members will not be disclosed illness. William Lindsay evening from her ex-husband to the hospital to visit, saying that the failure Cheng Hsin with his daughter on the phone, so personally to the hospital to understand the situation.

Pop-September last year to do a biliary complications after surgery, once admitted and discharged after about a month, and the attending doctor Mrs Chong-mao meets with the media. Mrs Chong-mao said at the time, for the enjoyment of the 6-pound resection of liver tumors, do not have to do chemotherapy electrotherapy, but requires close observation.

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