Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jury to be pregnant shoot nude photos

Banner: Greer accept inquiries visit with fresh pears

Greer (Niki) yesterday to the Metro radio interview, she has always been a favorite snack to live more openly indoor snacking, she said with a smile I wonder whether it is eating too many snacks, which a child was an insect, but there is no Mrs insects, may now asks the Paragonimus have been her dependents to grow understand them.

Niki was asked during a spot painting, and more willing to men when she presided over the nude modeling, she said with a smile worried that he could not concentrate! She also said that very few paintings portrait painting itself, we should not have this ability, if the painting to let themselves in the mirror to do modeling, which will not be embarrassed by. Asked if the scandal laugh boyfriend assaulted her nude modeling and how? She is embarrassed: "Can not answer, in fact I would not dare anyone, but his body does not know how to painting pictures and not to collect past. (So, you can dare the nude modeling?) If the charity could also consider, before ZHAO Ya-zhi, as well as breast cancer fund-raising and a series of photo shoot, as long as no three points will be exposed. But if the future pregnancy, I may shoot the occasion of a series of nude photos, will feel more sexy, but not necessarily with a brazen shooting of her husband. "

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