Monday, October 15, 2007

Yuan Ming Mi Cuicui lazy to leave Ye Li

Banner: Cuicui Model makeup, is the best candidate

Ye Cuicui yesterday at Sha Tin Race Course, "Shasha women silver bags," and on the spot as modeling, Miao Ying Chan, cosmetic company's Model makeup. But with the spark of Chan at the Race Course performing Latin American Dance.

Two on the 2nd death

Cuicui said before at college, as director of the Jockey Club do, I often out of the Jockey Club. Yuan said that the recent overflowing with the requirements of the wireless contract termination, with each other and not the Cuicui Chuan said he had just return from the mainland, so I do not know. Immediately after the opening topic, refer to themselves in the Mainland films, said she was a crushed car. The following day shooting programs Parade, but the stress of her death. Crash drama on film, she said that the missile was to the whole person, a total shot several times. She insisted no substitute prefer hanging Granville Ye crashed into the concrete, she hit there last bruises and half body paralysis.

The dancing days Hua-min

Tse and Chen Min of yesterday's Latin dance performances, Michael "Galloping miracle" after the win increased workload, many shopping centers show that his performances are as appropriate. But he has indicated that it will not consider malls Sao then, unless, as yesterday's Race Course this event so large, he would then.

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